Ch. Batailley 2008 , Pauillac 巴塔葉堡-五級酒莊

Ch. Batailley 2008 , Pauillac 巴塔葉堡-五級酒莊

Ch. Batailley 2008, Pauillac   巴塔葉堡(五級酒莊)

巴塔葉酒莊位於波爾多左岸的波雅克村,1855年被評為”五級酒莊”。巴塔葉酒莊是波雅克村最古老的酒莊之一,酒莊葡萄園的土質為梅多克典型的沙礫土質,有良好的排水性和保溫作用。葡萄種植比例為70% Cabernet Sauvignon、25% Merlot、3% Cabernet Franc 和2% Petit Verdot,平均樹齡為30年。



The 2008, which was harvested between October 2-15, is a blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Merlot, and 3% Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. It exhibits Batailley’s well-known tannic profile, but the high level of polyphenols in this vintage equates to sweet tannins and no astringency whatsoever. A deep purple color is followed by sweet aromas of creme de cassis, forest floor, damp earth, licorice, and a subtle hint of wood. Part of the Batailley vineyard is only 800 meters from the St.-Julien border, but this is a classic Pauillac. The 2008 should be drinkable in 4-5 years, and last for 25-30. ---摘自Wine Advocate     

評分: 90-92   Best Drink:2013-2043